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Taisuke Morishita
Taisuke Morishita – bass, vocals
Hiroshi Imaizumi – guitar
Yu Toda – drums

Led by underground mover and shaker Taisuke Morushita, Yellow is nowadays remembered only for its legendary 16-minutes one-chord burn-up ‘Watch Out!’ and proto-plod blues rumble ‘Brother’, both which appeared on the compilation UNDERGROUND TRACKS ‘70s on the Dead Flower label. Recorded in 1972 on lo-fi equipment, this field recording quality festival performance nevertheless shows the band to have been a Detroit proto-metal brain death of the finest kind. Morishita howls off-the-cuff Jagger/Iggyisms as guitarist Hiroshi Imaizumi tears off punk lick after lick like Leigh Stephens or an even more deformed Ronald Rank Asheton. From the limited evidence, this lot seem like a lost classic outfit.

Julian Cope
  • Taisuke Morishita
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