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Morishita Tokihiko

Keyboardist and synthesizer manipulator Morishita Tokihiko made two albums of Polydor in 1972, neither of which I have heard. However, they are both held in high regard by many fans of the Japanese underground, and should be included here. Tokihiko later provided the expertise with which manga artist Mizuki Shigeru achieved his own album, and nowadays works on major picture film scores. He sometimes goes by the working name Geinoh Yamashirogumi.

Julian Cope
  • TOCCATA (Polydor, 1972)
  • 18 SAI MIMAN NO BALLAD (Polydor, 1972)
  • Morishita Tokihiko - TOCCATATOCCATA
  • Morishita Tokihiko - 18 SAI MIMAN NO BALLAD18 SAI MIMAN NO BALLAD

Artist Information
Miroshita & Geino Yamashirogumi
Morishita certainly played on the Geino Yamashirogumi soundtrack for 'Akira'. But it would be a mistake to say that Geino Yamashirogumi is his working name- that group is led by Yoji Yamashiro.
Posted by choan, Sep 08, 2007
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