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Teruo Nakamura

(Akiyoshi Miyashita)
Teruo Nakamura is a jazz bassist who made one classic album in the 1970s entitled UNICORN, thereafter moving into a kind of very smooth and polished DX7 (wince) jazz that would appeal to very few readers of Japrocksampler. Unless this stuff is your bag, don't bother checking out his 1977 Polydor LP RISING SUN or his 1981 LP ROUTE 80, despite the latter having appeared on the optimistically-named label Agartha Records. Moreover, as Nakamura's career has mainly been conducted in New York with the likes of Steve Grossman, Lenny White, Alphonze Mouzon and Hubert Eaves, he is only of passing interest to Japrock fans.

Julian Cope
  • UNICORN (CE, 1973)
  • RISING SUN (Polydor, 1977)
  • ROUTE 80 (Agartha, 1981)
  • Teruo Nakamura - UNICORNUNICORN
  • Teruo Nakamura - ROUTE 80ROUTE 80

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