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Akira Iskikawa & Count Buffaloes

Masahiko Satoh piano, clavinet
Kiyoshi Sugimoto - guitar
Ken Muraoka tenor sax, soprano sax
Hiroaki Suzuki electric piano
Masaaki Terakawa bass, electric bass
Akira Ishikawa - drums

The line-up for GET UP changed to
Hiroaki Suzuki electric piano
Larry Kotonaga percussion
Takao Naoi guitar, etc.
Akira Ishikawa drums

In the late 50s, Ishikawa released a 10 LP MOOD IN IMMORTAL CLASSIC OF JAPANESE SONGS for King Records.

Julian Cope
  • ELECTRUM (Victor, 1970)
  • UGANDA (Toshiba, 1972)
  • GET UP (RCA, 1975)
  • Akira Iskikawa & Count Buffaloes - ELECTRUMELECTRUM
  • Akira Iskikawa & Count Buffaloes - UGANDAUGANDA
  • Akira Iskikawa & Count Buffaloes - UGANDAUGANDA
  • Akira Iskikawa & Count Buffaloes - GET UPGET UP

Album Reviews
UGANDA (Toshiba, 1972)
not great at all!
Don't believe the hype, this is pretty lame...by the time things get cooking it's the last song and this way expensive and short CD is over...the problem is it's not African drums AND rock at the same time, just pretty good stoner wah guitar ala Guru Guru followed by drums and so on...the 1st instance where both of these facets are present at the same time is for less than a minute somewhere in the middle and then it quickly fades out...that's why the last song Pigmy is the only song worthwhile on this CD because that has both and it finally works, but it's definately not worth the $30 I dropped on this at Disk Union, Shinjuku...cool cover art, though...
Posted by cuddles, Aug 03, 2010
ELECTRUM (Victor, 1970)
Absolutely killer, this is 10 times better than Uganda! About half the time I am diametrically opposed to Cope's views on music, both in the Japan and Krautrock books. I do appreciate the Japan book for getting me to discover Japan seventies music (after going to Tokyo for the past 10 years without knowing anything about it beyond a few faves like the FTB and the FEFB) This is psychedelic jazz, not stoner rock, and its great!
Posted by cuddles, Aug 03, 2010
GET UP (RCA, 1975)
ahead of it`s time, not ina good way...
Jazz-funk veering towards mid to late-seventies fusion cheese, but still enjoyable, and still way better than Weather Report or soul-less wankers like that...cool cover art though, too bad the music isn`t as psychedelic....
Posted by cuddles, Aug 03, 2010
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