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Justin Heathcliff

As the brainchild of former Launchers guitarist Osamu Kitajima, the Justin Heathcliff project was a successful attempt to cop the kind of English post-REVOLVER psychedelia that such London bands as The Syn, Mike Stuart Span and The Flies were recording in 1967-8. As such, the project was highly successful, especially considering it was recorded in London by a former GS guitarist with a fixation for traditional Japanese instruments. It was not, however, Kitajima’s fastidious attention to achieving sonic geographical accuracy that made the finished result a bit special, but the simple fact that love anything English of that periode, even if it’s been faked. The Justin Heathcliff LP is ultimately a cleverly executed but rather pointless exercise in genre re-creating, something that Acid Mother’s Temple attempted with a good deal more humour on their LP of fake ‘Occitanian folk music’ LA NOVIA.

Julian Cope

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