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Back cover of the "HAIR" soundtrack(The original Japanese cast recording)
The arrival in Japan of this so-called 'Tribal Rock Musical' was deeply disturbing to straight Japanese society, and the authorities banned the show after just two months of performances. However, the fall out accelerated the Japanese underground scene considerably, and many ensembles and loose aggregations of artists/musicians came together through their association with 'Hair'. For a full explanation of the 'Hair' influence on Japanese culture, please see Japrocksampler Book One, Chapter Four and Book Two, Chapter Five. The soundtrack released on RCA in 1971.

Julian Cope
  • HAIR (Japanese Soundtrack) (RCA, 1971)
  • HAIR - HAIR (Japanese Soundtrack)HAIR (Japanese Soundtrack)

  • It was the drug bust during HAIR that precipitated so much great music in the next years, as cast members were thereafter forced to ‘get it together’. Pictured far right in the centre is future Far East Family Band leader Fumio Miyashita.
  • Back cover of the
  • The ebullient Japanese cast of HAIR.
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