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East Bionic Symphonia

Kazuo Imai guitar, viola da gamba (upright descant viola), electronics, snake charmer
Kaoru Okabe found object
Yasushi Ozawa bass
Tomonao Koshikawa piano, potentiometers
Hiroshi Shii wand, water stick
Masami Tada sound performance, natural materials used as thrown percussion, FX
Tatuo Hattori FX, electonics
Kazuaki Hamada percussion, FX
Masaharu Minegishi whistles, sound performance
Chie Mukai kokyu (Chinese upright fiddle)

This large ensemble was formed in March 1976 by students of Taj Mahal Travellers leader Takahisa Kosugi. Their sole LP* is number 33 in the Japrocksampler Top 50. They briefly re-formed as the superb Marginal Consort in 1997 - in many ways this new ensemble was far superior as is evidenced by their outstanding album release.

* Henk Zuurveld notes that the original album was released in 1976 by ALM Records. The LP's label number is: al-3001 and also includes an insert.

Julian Cope
  • Marginal Consort - COLLECTIVE IMPROVISATION (PSF, 1998)
  • RECORDED LIVE 1976 (LAM, 2000)
  • Marginal Consort - 4CD (Improvised Music From Japan, 2007)
  • East Bionic Symphonia - Marginal Consort - COLLECTIVE IMPROVISATIONMarginal Consort - COLLECTIVE IMPROVISATION
  • East Bionic Symphonia - RECORDED LIVE 1976RECORDED LIVE 1976
  • East Bionic Symphonia - Marginal Consort - 4CDMarginal Consort - 4CD

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