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I have heard nothing and know nothing about this quintet other than that they are 'alleged to have been based in the US'.

Julian Cope
  • EAST (Capital, 1972)

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EAST (Capital, 1972)
The Japanese Simon and Garfunkel anyone? You'd be forgiven for thinking that after the first few bars of this quite pedestrian soft-rock LP. A Japanese quintet's take on west-coast, folk, and later californian singer-songwriter genres, anyone looking for the free-form freak-outs so lovingly described in Japrocksampler should look elsewhere. Thats not to say the Lp does not have its highlights but they are few and far between. For one, the group work hard to inculcate their western influences with the traditional instrumentation of both Japanese and Indian cultures, not that they always succeed. As the in-depth liner notes echo: "the electric sounds of rock and the instruments of traditional Japanese music, performed in English but with the tranquil spirit of Zen.' You wouldn't know it listening to "Geese on the Road" - which sounds like an alarming jugband take on Nilsson's Coconut. The track "She" is a nice multi-harmony Simon'n'Garf pastiche of arrpegiated multi-acoustics. "Deaf Eyed Julie" probably succeeds most in incorporating the eastern instruments most powerfully, a dark minor-chord folk ballad - ending in ominously banged drums.
Side Two and the Nilsson vibe refuses to go away for "Black Hearted Woman" "Everywhere" is the only other highlight - approaching something resembling a free-folk ballad but never arriving there satisfactorily. Overall, seekers of anything experimental should steer clear.
Posted by gogmagog, Sep 24, 2007
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