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Apryl Fool

Hiroyoshi Yanagida – organ, piano
Eiji Kikuchi – lead guitar
Tadaki ‘Chu’ Kosaka – lead vocals
Haruomi Hosono – bass
Takashi Matsumoto – drums

Led by prime mover and ex-Floral organist Hiro Yaganida, the extremely cool and longhaired Apryl Fool quintet was one of the few New Rock bands even to approach the power and originality of their Western equivalents. Still suffering from weak-as-shit drumming and an inability to let go of their eary ‘60s influences, Apryl Fool nevertheless hit a coupla real peaks on their lone self-titled LP, released in 1969 on Nippon Columbia. For, while most of the record is perfunctory bar-room post-Animals blues, their attempt at real psychedelia on ‘The Lost Motherland’ does approach genuine meltdown, in much the same way as late ‘60s American LPs such as St. Stephen were want to do. If only there had been more of that stuff within the grooves, though… who really needed versions of Dylan’s ‘Pledging My Time’? Well, bass player Hosono and drummer Matsumoto, obviously, for the pair of them went in precisely that obvious direction with their next Band/Little Feat-styled project Happy End. And mightily successful they were, too. Nothing more was heard from lead guitarist Eiji Kikuchi, but vocalist Tadaki Kosaka joined the chorus of the musical HAIR. Keyboardist Yanagida also worked on HAIR, but in the far more lofty position of keyboard player in the house band. Thereafter, he recorded two solo LPs, MILK TIME and a self-titled second effort, as well as contributing major to the sessions for Love Live Life +1 and Foodbrain.

Julian Cope
  • APRYL FOOL (Columbia, 1969)

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