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Kenji Todoroki – vocals
Kimio Muzutani – lead guitar
Mamoru Tsuchiya - organ
Hideaki Senhara – bass
Yukio Kawakami - drums

Formed in 1968 from the ashes of the Out Cast GS outfit, Mizutani and Todoroki formed Adams as a New Rock band. Inspired by the big post-psychedelic American outfits, Adams was really a grand scale symphonic rock band, with choir and orchestra, and were the first artists signed to CBS/Sony Records. Adams released the singles 'Nemureru Otome' (Sleeping Girl), 'Chikyu Wa Semasugira' (The Earth Is Too Narrow) and ‘Asu Naki Sekai' (World Without Tomorrow). Their debut LP was entitled KYUYAKU SEISHO (‘Old Testament’), but was such a disaster that the record company dumped all their albums. Adams broke up in 1969, organist Mamoru Tsuchiya going on to join Hiroshi Satomi & Ichibanboshi, whilst Mizutani became a guitar legend via his Super Sessions and solo LP A PATH THROUGH HAZE.

Julian Cope
  • KYUYAKU SEISHO (CBS/Sony, 1968)

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