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back cover of their LP
Reck - guitar, vocals
Hiroshi Higo - bass
Chiko Hige - drums

This brutal Stooges-like power trio formed by ex-members of futen street ensemble Maru Sankaku Shikaku (Circle Triangle Square). Their sole album release SANBUN NO SAN appears at number 43 in Japrocksampler's Top 50. Thereafter, Reck moved to New York, where he joined the tail end career of Lydia Lunch's Teenage Jesus & the Jerks. Reck later returned to Tokyo and formed the New York-influenced Friction, a kind of catch-all Pistols/PIL/Robert Quine hogwash of all things refusenik. Although I hated (dismissed) the sole Friction studio LP at the time of release, time has been kind to the record and the band's Live album is actually a storming and successful representative of the No Wave scene.

Julian Cope
  • 3/3 (LLX, 1975)
  • 3/3 - 3/33/3

  • back cover of their LP
Artist Information
Post 3/3
After 3/3 split up Reck and Chiko Hige went to New York, where they played briefly with the Teenage Jesus & the Jerks and the Contortions. After their return to Japan in early 1978, they formed punk/no-wave legends Friction.

Hiroshi Hige also had sterling punk credentials, forming the group Mirrors and Japan's first punk independent label Gozira Records.
Posted by choan, Sep 04, 2007
Posted by Shit-Fi, Sep 04, 2007
Official reissue
This has just been officially reissued by P-Vine in a two disk edition - the album, plus previously unissued live takes. [LINK]
Posted by choan, Oct 07, 2007
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