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The Youngers

Koi o oshiete 7"
Takashi Kubo – lead vocals
Yoichi Suzuki – lead guitar
Hitoshi Nishi - rhythm guitar
Kenji Misaki – organ
Hisao Horiuchi - bass
Mitsuo Nagai - drums

Led by the cute faced drummer Mitsuo Nagai, The Youngers were a actually factory band put together for Philips Records, the six band members having come from all over the country to audition. The Youngers were another band that combined wanton spangly guitar intros with disappointing songs. Maybe they tried hard to spice up the material their A&R man at Philips Records was hefting their way. At their best, The Youngers sounded like Paul Revere & The Raiders plays The Shadows Of Knight’s ‘Someone Like Me’ with late Electric Prunes guitar solos. But even their enthusiasm was dampened by their producer’s use of pizzicato strings, American Breed lounge harmonies and piccolo solos. The Youngers’ first single ‘My Love, My Love’ stole its opening from The Kinks’ ‘Tired Of Waiting For You’, whilst the B-side was the anonymous ‘Hanashitakunai (Don’t Wanna Let You Go)’. The second single ‘Koi O Oshiete (Teach Me About Love)’ b/w ‘Nogiku No Yona Anoko (That Girl Who Looks Like A Wild Daisy)’ was not much better.

Julian Cope
  • Koi o oshiete 7
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