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The Beavers

Akira ‘Ken’ Narita – vocals
Masao Hayase - vocals
Hideki Ishima – lead guitar
Masayuki Hirai – rhythm guitar
Hiroshi Arakawa - bass
Yukio Awamura - drums

In 1964, future Flower Travellin’ Band guitarist Hideki Ishima arrived in Tokyo from his hometown Sapporo. He got together with guitarist Masayuiki Hirai, bassist Hiroshi Arakawa and drummer Yukio Awamura to form an eleki band which took the name The Outlaws. However, the clubs in which The Outlaws played also demanded that they employ a singer. Inspired by The Spiders’ twin lead vocalists, The Outlaws decided to recruit Akira Narita and Masao Hayase. Invited to support their heroes The Spiders, the band then changed their name to The Beavers just prior to making their stage debut. Their first single ‘Hatsukoi No Oka (The Hill Of The First Love)’ b/w ‘Hello, Coffee Girl’ was released in July 1967 was not a big hit, but was considered something special by fans of the Group Sounds scene. The second single ‘Kimimaki Sekai (The World Without You)’ fared better but still failed to chart, as did their third 45 ‘Itoshi No Santa Maria (Saint Maria, My Love)’. The band’s sole LP VIVA BEAVERS was released thereafter but, at the end of 1968, after the release of their fifth failed single ‘Nakanaide Nakamaide (Please Don’t Cry)’, Ishima recognised that the GS boom was faltering. Ishima split the band when he was invited to join The Flowers by Yuya Uchida.

Julian Cope
  • VIVA BEAVERS! (King, 1968)

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